About my life

My designing life started in 2010, when I finished four years of study of Computer Interface Techniques. In these four years, I learned the basis elements in the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) electronics.

After designing printed circuits boards, I wanted to design the outside of a product. I started the study Industrial Product Design. In these years I specialized myself in Medical Design by doing some assignments. I learned how high the value was of these products because they make the life of people directly better. In the mean time, I followed a minor Technical Commercial Ingenieur to learn how to implement a product in the market.

I graduated at the University Medical Centrum te Utrecht by designing the hospitalbed of the future. You can read about this project in my portfolio under the head Easy Bed.

With the Bachelor of Engineering degree in my pocket, I want to make the world a better place by designing good responsible products or services.

Sinds oktober 2016, I do that with pleasure by Patient Lifting Solutions (PLS) as a Mechanical Engineer. We designs, develops and manufactures ceiling hoist solutions for the hospital, nursing home and domestic environment. Here can I live up to what I believe.

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